EPIC Workshop 2017 24-25 October 2017 in Madrid – Spain

The EPIC Workshop 2017 was held on 24-25 October 2017 in Madrid – Spain at CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, Madrid) premises and was organized by EPIC. This workshop was the first of three scheduled EPIC workshops to be held as part of the European Commission-funded Operational Grants (Incremental / Disruptive SRC) for electric propulsion in space. The EC-funded project HEMPT-NG has also used this platform to present relevant information about the current status of project to the interested professional audience.

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Present the Horizon 2020 Electric Propulsion SRC activities to the EP community and stakeholders and to collect and assess the latest EP technology developments in Europe.

The dedicated presentations of each participation has been published and it includes all the sessions: Presentations of EPIC Workshop Madrid 2017

The following key aspects were either shown in presentations or discussed in separate round table discussions:

  • PSA and SRC progress and activities (EC, REA, EPIC PSA)
  • Outline of Horizon 2020 Space Work Programe 2018-2020 topics for Electric Propulsion SRC
  • Stakeholders interaction such as Satellite Operators and Satellite Large System Integrators
  • Incremental SRC OGs: Presentation of the objectives, proposed approach, team, progress and early results of the different projects HEMPT-NG, CHEOPS and GIESEPP
  • Disruptive SRC OGs: Presentation of objectives, proposed approach, team, progress and early results of the different projects GaNOMIC, HiperLoc-EP and MINOTOR
  • Trends in Power Processing Units for EP
  • New developments on EP Incremental Technologies and EP Disruptive Technologies
  • Dissemination and education SRC activities
Presentation of “HEMPT-NG – Development to provide European competitive EP System for future space missions" presented by Ernst BOSCH (Senior Expert & Technical Adviser Space Subsystems, Thales Deutschland GmbH).
Presentation of different PPU approaches for several applications (GEO/LEO) “GEO Dual Mode PPU & LEO HEMPT PPU” presented by Eric BOURGUIGNON (PPU Product Line Manager, Thales Alenia Space Belgium (ETCA)).
Round table "Trends in Power Processing Units" Chairman: Matthias GOLLOR, ESA; Panelists: Fernando PINTÓ (Airbus Defence & Space), Luca BENETTI (SITAEL S.p.A.), Eric BOURGUIGNON (Thales Alenia Space Belgium (ETCA), Alain DEMAIRÉ (OHB Sweden).a