OHB System AG as a wholly owned subsidiary of the OHB SE is the core company of the Space Systems business unit. OHB SE is Germany’s only listed focused space technology group located at two sites in Germany – Bremen and Munich (ISIN: DE0005936124; Prime Standard). Its turnover was 772 million Euro in 2014 for 650 employees. The Group is under 70% in private ownership of the Fuchs family. OHB System is regarded by ESA as one of the three European satellite prime companies.

A history spanning over 30 years, OHB AG is Germany’s first listed technology and space group. The business structure of OHB AG Group offers international customers sophisticated solutions and systems and numerous expertise on space-technology (including: OHB System AG in Bremen and Munich, CGS S.p.A., LuxSpace Sàrl, Antwerp Space N.V., OHB Sweden AB, MT Aerospace AG, MT Mechatronics GmbH, MT Aerospace Guyane S.A.S., OHB Teledata GmbH, megatel GmbH).

The organization of OHB System AG, with the Propulsion Systems department incorporated in the Development, Systems Engineering & AIT section, commits itself to and guarantees a successful performance of the project with respect to time, cost and quality. Furthermore, the organization stands for a permanent exchange of knowledge between the various projects and engineering departments. The ‘HEMPT’ study will be performed under the responsibility of the Propulsion Systems Department being organisationally located within the Directorate for Development, Systems Engineering and AIT.

OHB System as satellite prime is in direct contact to commercial and governmental satellite customers and thus in the best situation to analyse current satellite market trends and thus define the need for future electric propulsion technologies. The analysis of the important mission and system issues related to the electric propulsion orbit raising and maintenance and the interfaces with the other subsystems as well as mission aspects will be provided by OHB System, making benefit of its expertise gathered within previous projects and studies for propulsion systems.

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OHB System is the leading German manufacturer of small and medium size satellites, covering a wide range of weights, from 40 to 3000 kg, and altitudes, from LEO to MEO and GEO. OHB System’s expanding competence in the field of small to medium-size satellites has started with the development and realization of the scientific satellite BREMSAT in 1994. More than 20 satellites with OHB involvement on system (prime contractor ship) and subsystem level have been designed and developed in the recent years. The applications spectrum of OHB System for space systems includes:

  • Telecommunication, Security and Navigation
  • Earth Observation
  • Science and Space Exploration
  • Military Systems
  • Technology Research and Demonstration

OHB System platform range consists of several satellites utilizing electric propulsion for different tasks, including attitude control and wheel desaturation, station keeping and orbit raising.

OHB System has gathered a comprehensive orbital propulsion experience over various projects and supporting all project phases, starting with first studies, over development and integration until operation in space.

OHB System, as system responsible, was deeply involved in the development of many propulsion systems, including development, qualification, integration, testing and the operations of the subsystems. In addition, subsystem assembly and testing on satellite level are also included in the portfolio of OHB System.

OHB System main tasks in the current project

OHB System will participate with its mission and system expertise for the different application cases to be investigated (LEO, GEO/MEO, Space transportation and Exploration). Together with the TAS-F we will take the responsibility for the adequacy of the electric propulsion subsystem requirements. In addition OHB System will contribute to the PSA assessment.
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