TAS-B Thales Alenia Space Belgium

As Power Lead Center inside the Thales Alenia Space group, Thales Alenia Space BELGIUM is the European number one in power conditioning and distribution equipment for any type of satellites.

Thales Alenia Space BELGIUM is a Belgian industrial establishment with over 650 employees, 35,000 square meters of which 6,000 square meters of cleanrooms. The 2014 turnover was above 70 M€. The company has more than 50 years of expertise in space and telecommunications, with, among other for this project, design skills in power elements, digital signal processing, and ASICs.

TAS-B Power Conditioning and Distribution Units cover the whole satellite range, from the micro-satellites for Earth observation up to the large geo-stationary satellites for telecom applications, with power needs up to 20 kW.

Thales Alenia Space BELGIUM manufactures a full range of Motor Drive Electronics, Avionics modules, Power Units for electric propulsion and specific Power Units for dedicated payloads and radar instruments.

Thales Alenia Space BELGIUM proposes a range of Electronic Power Conditioning units (EPC) for Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTA), whose references exceed 6 million hours of in-orbit operation.

Thales Alenia Space BELGIUM has also developed and qualified a family of Power Processing Unit (PPU) able to supply and control Thrusters of Electric Propulsion System more and more used for attitude control of satellites.